Five Ways to Maximise Warehouse Space with a Mezzanine Floor

Are you running out of warehouse space quicker than you would like? Are you struggling to find areas to utilise effectively? Or perhaps you are looking to update your warehouse space to fit a more streamlined, modern look and feel. Advantage is here to help you find five ways to maximise your warehouse space with mezzanine flooring.


warehouse mezzanine flooring

What is a mezzanine floor?

A mezzanine floor is an additional flooring level between the main floors and the roof of a building. It is an effective way of creating almost double the floor space. These intermediate floor spaces are often low-ceilinged and in the form of a balcony style. Think of it as a vertical utilisation of space instead of trying to cram more into the current floor space a mezzanine creates new areas for productivity higher up.


Mezzanine floors are perfect for expanding your warehouse into the most efficient space possible. They are very cost effective as they are designed to help adapt to meet your business’s needs, and as your mezzanine will be situated within your current building’s space, you won’t even have higher heating costs. With the flexible, semi-permanent nature of a mezzanine floor, you can take it with you wherever your business goes.


More recently with rising energy cost there has also been a greater demand for mezzanines to not only increase space but to create a smaller enclosed production or work space beneath, especially in warehouses. This provides an enclosed area that is more insulated and easier to heat so employees have a more comfortable working environment that is protected from the heat loss they get from big roller doors opening and closing when loading and despatching.


The five best ways to maximise space

1.     Storage space

One of the main benefits of fitting a mezzanine floor is to create new storage space for whatever a business requires. Increasing stock levels or help mitigate supply chain issues or to increase your business’s production output.

On top of one of Advantage’s mezzanine floors, make the most of your new space with industrial shelving racks, which is tailored the company’s needs.

2.     Transform one area into another

Creating new areas and space is easy with a mezzanine floor. Your office area is perhaps taking up a space you feel could be utilised for something else, you require additional office space or an enclosed product area. A mezzanine floor is a great opportunity for you to free up workspace. Add a meeting room or utilities like a kitchen quickly and easily. Perhaps you need a designated place for your team to be able to take their lunch breaks? A brand new warehouse mezzanine floor will enable your employees to enjoy their free time in a safe and secure environment, away from the areas designed for production.

3.     Combine with pallet gates

Safety is key in a warehouse space. Unloading and loading items such as heavy pallets doesn’t have to be a challenge or unsafe. That is why installing a pallet safety gate along with a mezzanine floor will enable you to carry out duties without the risk of being exposed to loads falling or sharp edges. The sizes of pallet gates may vary, but it won’t be an issue as we offer solutions for both standard UK an EU size pallets which work for a wide range of heights.

4.     Create whatever design you want

There can be many things to consider when planning your new mezzanine floor. The beauty of working with Advantage is that we can help provide flexibility in your design to suit your company’s needs. Our mezzanine floors offer the potential for multiple spaces above and below the mezzanine. For example, you could create a mezzanine that holds both an office space, as well as storage, or depending on ceiling height, two mezzanine levels one above the other.

If your business needs to relocate, Advantage creates non-permanent fixtures which are easy to dismantle and move if needed.

5.     Reaching new heights

There will be no more wasted floor space in your warehouse by constructing a new mezzanine floor. Verticality is your friend and with our expertise we can help you boost your productivity, driving your business to new heights. Along with clearing much needed floor space for your warehouse, there are plenty of features that can optimise your business and productivity, allowing it to increase profitability and continuity.

Maximise your warehouse space with Advantage

Advantage can help you maximise and transform your warehouse space and productivity by supplying you with the perfect mezzanine floor for office space, warehouse storage, a production mezzanine, or retail mezzanine, ensuring your solution meets all the relevant regulations and includes any necessary features such safety gates.


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