Mezzanine Floors Droitwich

Our team at Advantage can supply and install bespoke mezzanine floors for your business across the Droitwich area. Whether you want to expand storage space or create new areas of any size, we can provide you with everything you need.

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Mezzanine floor installations in Droitwich

A mezzanine floor is a semi-permanent solution that can transform your commercial and industrial spaces in Droitwich. It is a practical approach to almost doubling the amount of floor area. Consider it as a place that makes use of verticality – rather than trying to fit more into the available floor space – a mezzanine floor installation in Droitwich creates new productive workspaces. With Advantage being Worcester based, we will be able to install a brand-new mezzanine floor with efficiency and meet your vision for your Droitwich location.

Our team will work directly with you to bring new bespoke mezzanine floor designs to your commercial and industrial buildings in Droitwich. They will be fitted with fire-rated regulations, ensuring the safety of your workplace and employees, fitted for your office, warehouse, and storage spaces. We can confidently transform any space into your ideal vision to suit your budget.

Why Droitwich businesses need mezzanine floors

Droitwich businesses could greatly benefit from mezzanine floor installations. The benefits will increase your business productivity to maximum levels. If you are looking to expand your office or industrial space or you are in desperate need of trying to find more efficient ways to navigate supply chain issues, then mezzanine floor installation for your Droitwich business is ideal.

With a mezzanine floor installation, you can add up to 50% more floor space without the costly measures of other alternatives - such as relocating. Mezzanine floors can promote flexibility for your Droitwich business and provide a long-term solution for your unique needs, with our team able to assemble your mezzanine floor swiftly and safely.

Locations in Droitwich are taking advantage of working with our team to boost productivity for their business in a plethora of settings – from warehouses, office spaces, retail businesses, and storage spaces.

Advantage – your Droitwich mezzanine floor experts

We have fitted mezzanine floors for thousands of clients nationwide, with a track record that keeps clients satisfied and coming back for more. With Advantage, you’ll see the difference we can make right away.

Our team will visit your Droitwich site to gather measurements and begin developing your design as soon as we’ve had an initial site visit with you to ascertain your requirements.

We will install fire-rated mezzanines to meet regulations to prioritise your safety. In order to do this, and keep you informed throughout the design process, we employ the most up-to-date CAD technology. This way, we can guarantee your satisfaction.

Our Turnkey Solutions

Advantage performs all types of refurbishments, offering you a full turnkey service for your Droitwich commercial or industrial space. As well as providing mezzanine floors for Droitwich, we provide solutions including office partitioning, industrial fit-outs, and ceiling systems.

Contact us today to find out how our team can provide the ideal mezzanine floor solution for your Droitwich business.

Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine flooring is a great way to optimise your available space quickly and affordably. As expert mezzanine floor suppliers, we can design and fit a brand-new floor of any size, made-to-measure to your unique brief, whilst adhering to building control regulations. All our mezzanines are fully certified, including CE mark certification, which is an important aspect of quality assurance.

Office Partition & Furniture

Partitions are perfect for adding new areas – such as breakout and meeting rooms – to your workplace. For the perfect office layout, we also offer a full fit-out service, including bespoke, made-to-measure office furniture solutions.

Industrial Racking

Our racking systems allow you to store pallets and heavy goods in your warehouse, both vertically and horizontally, facilitating efficient use of your space. We have a variety of height and design options to choose from.

Workplace Equipment & Storage Solutions

Whether it’s with a new mezzanine floor, ceilings and partitions or warehouse racking and shelving, as a provider of turnkey storage solutions provider, we can significantly improve your existing storage space. We also supply a wide range of workplace equipment for you, making us a one stop shop for all your office space needs.

Shelving Systems

Good shelving helps to keep things organised, tidy and accessible. Our custom, CAD-designs are guaranteed to meet your needs, whether you’re looking to store heavy, industrial products or smaller goods for display.

Flooring Solutions

Because we offer a comprehensive service, we don’t just install mezzanine floors. We also cover all your related flooring needs, such as carpeting, tiling and installation of industrial floors. Our expert team can measure, design and fit your flooring material of choice based on your unique requirements.

Ceiling Systems

Advantage Storage and Handling uses the latest CAD technology to help you visualise your new space before we start work. We fit both suspended and self-supported ceilings, as well as plasterboard “MF” ceilings.

Industrial Fit Outs

Because we offer a comprehensive service, we don’t just install mezzanine floors. We also cover all your related flooring needs, such as carpeting, tiling and installation of industrial floors. Our expert team can measure, design and fit your flooring material of choice based on your unique requirements.

Office Fit Outs

Make your office work for you. Whether you want to add a new floor, meeting room or cafeteria or simply wish to update your existing furniture, our turnkey solution can make your dream office space a reality.

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