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For over 25 years, Advantage has been designing and building mezzanine floors in Coventry and the surrounding areas. We are a knowledgeable and trustworthy supplier and fitter of mezzanine floors with a long list of satisfied clients. Speak to the team today to get started on your mezzanine floor installation with experienced advice from our team.

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Mezzanine floor installations in Coventry

A mezzanine floor installation is an excellent way to give your expanding business some breathing room. A mezzanine, which is installed between a building’s floor and roof, is a cost-effective way to expand available space for your Coventry business. As a semi-permanent installation, a mezzanine doesn’t normally require planning approval, meaning it can be fitted in a very short space of time to give your Coventry business that much-needed space for extra storage, a breakout room, new offices or a private meeting room.

Located centrally in Worcester, Advantage is a trusted supplier and installer across the West Midlands – able to fit your new mezzanine floor installation in Coventry and the surrounding areas, to the highest specifications. We provide complete turnkey solutions, collaborating with you from design to supply, installation to commissioning of the finished mezzanine. We use the latest design techniques to create the space that you need, whilst managing all the safety regulations and compliance, including fire safety, if required, to ensure that your Coventry business can benefit from its new mezzanine with total peace of mind and minimal disruption – all within your allocated budget.

Why Coventry businesses need mezzanine floors

Has your Coventry business grown and now needs more space for production, storage or offices? A mezzanine level is the ideal solution for answering your company’s need for greater space. Without needing to extend your building or having the inconvenience of a costly move to new premises, a mezzanine floor installation can add up to 50% more floor space to extend working areas and create greater efficiency in storage or production. For more ideas on how a mezzanine can benefit your business, see our blog on the Benefits of Mezzanine Floors.

Businesses in Coventry, like yours, are seeking ways to maximise available space in their current location without incurring the expense of relocating, and a mezzanine floor installation is a perfect way to achieve this goal at a very competitive price. Locally situated, Advantage is on hand to ensure a prompt and pain-free installation.

Advantage – your Coventry mezzanine floor experts

Advantage has many years of experience in the area of mezzanine floor installations in Coventry and across the country. With a long list of satisfied, high-profile clients, you can be confident that we are a firm you can trust with an installation that is perfectly fitted to your specification. Our skilled design team will assess your requirements, measure your Coventry premises, create CAD designs to plan your new mezzanine and then complete the work around your business hours for the least disruption to your workflow.

We can assist with all of the intricacies of building regulations, determining if a fire rating is needed, in addition to supplying any safety elements needed to prioritise the protection of all individuals utilising the mezzanine.

Our Turnkey Solutions

We provide a full turnkey solution for your mezzanine installation. From the initial consultation and design through to post-installation maintenance, including furniture, fixtures and fittings, Advantage can take care of every step of the journey to your Coventry business’s perfect mezzanine installation.

Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine flooring is a great way to optimise your available space quickly and affordably. As expert mezzanine floor suppliers, we can design and fit a brand-new floor of any size, made-to-measure to your unique brief, whilst adhering to building control regulations. All our mezzanines are fully certified, including CE mark certification, which is an important aspect of quality assurance.

Office Partition & Furniture

Partitions are perfect for adding new areas – such as breakout and meeting rooms – to your workplace. For the perfect office layout, we also offer a full fit-out service, including bespoke, made-to-measure office furniture solutions.

Industrial Racking

Our racking systems allow you to store pallets and heavy goods in your warehouse, both vertically and horizontally, facilitating efficient use of your space. We have a variety of height and design options to choose from.

Workplace Equipment & Storage Solutions

Whether it’s with a new mezzanine floor, ceilings and partitions or warehouse racking and shelving, as a provider of turnkey storage solutions provider, we can significantly improve your existing storage space. We also supply a wide range of workplace equipment for you, making us a one stop shop for all your office space needs.

Shelving Systems

Good shelving helps to keep things organised, tidy and accessible. Our custom, CAD-designs are guaranteed to meet your needs, whether you’re looking to store heavy, industrial products or smaller goods for display.

Flooring Solutions

Because we offer a comprehensive service, we don’t just install mezzanine floors. We also cover all your related flooring needs, such as carpeting, tiling and installation of industrial floors. Our expert team can measure, design and fit your flooring material of choice based on your unique requirements.

Ceiling Systems

Advantage Storage and Handling uses the latest CAD technology to help you visualise your new space before we start work. We fit both suspended and self-supported ceilings, as well as plasterboard “MF” ceilings.

Industrial Fit Outs

Because we offer a comprehensive service, we don’t just install mezzanine floors. We also cover all your related flooring needs, such as carpeting, tiling and installation of industrial floors. Our expert team can measure, design and fit your flooring material of choice based on your unique requirements.

Office Fit Outs

Make your office work for you. Whether you want to add a new floor, meeting room or cafeteria or simply wish to update your existing furniture, our turnkey solution can make your dream office space a reality.

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