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We’re the best choice when it comes to fitting flooring. With so many options to choose from, we have just what you’re looking for, whether you need an impact-resistant flooring solution or simply want to spruce up your space.

Quality, personalised service from expert flooring providers

Advantage Storage and Handling has been fitting high-quality warehouse flooring solutions for more than a quarter of a century. In fact, we’ve completed industrial flooring installations for some of the UK’s top commercial retailers, in addition to providing impact-resistant, industrial flooring solutions for hundreds of businesses and warehouses. We complete all our flooring projects to the highest possible standard, always delivering on time.

When you choose us, you’ll get more than just a basic fitting. As a turnkey transformation service, we do everything in our power to make sure the flooring you choose works for you. Our expert advisers are happy to discuss your flooring needs with you to make sure that your chosen materials work well in your space. We’ll then send our specialist design team out to your site to start taking measurements, ensuring the perfect fit for your finished result.

We partner with many different manufacturers across the UK to make the largest range of quality flooring options available to you. Indeed, with thousands of products to choose from in our portfolio, we’re guaranteed to have just what you’re looking for, from gleaming heavy-duty vinyl to carpet that matches your office décor to a tee.

Why it’s important to choose the right flooring

A lot of effort goes into designing a building. Spaces have to be fit for purpose and look aesthetically pleasing, too. It’s therefore important not to bring things down by choosing the wrong type of flooring. More than just a question of style, the right flooring can make all the difference. For instance, if you’re working in an industry that deals with heavy goods, installing heavy-duty, impact-resistant flooring is a must. You don’t want to be replacing or repairing your floor each time something inevitably falls. The right flooring can make or break your industrial fit out.

Likewise, if you’re working with hazardous substances or liquids that are likely to spill, you need to make sure you have a resistant floor that’s easy to wipe clean. This will extend the lifetime of your building, in addition to making things safer and more hygienic all around. Of course, you will want things to look good, too – and with our vast range of colour options and finishes, there’s no need to compromise on style.

If you’re running an office that doesn’t deal with particularly hazardous or heavy products, however, design and aesthetics may take precedence over practical considerations. We have a vast array of materials, textures and colours to choose from and can also advise you on how best to maintain your flooring for long-lasting results. With our top-quality offers at competitive prices, pricing doesn’t have to be an issue either – especially with the financing options available.


What kind of floor is right for me?

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Industrial flooring

Industrial flooring needs to be durable, hard-wearing and resistant to heavy loads and abrasion. We offer a range of different industrial flooring materials, such as polished concrete, epoxy and vinyl, to make sure your new floor looks great and is fit for purpose.

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Impact resistance flooring

High-impact floors are essential in environments where heavy things are likely to be dropped. Impact-resistant materials, such as lower-density rubber, aid with shock absorption and tend to be recyclable, too. Underlay and waffle backing can be added to absorb additional impact.

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Warehouse flooring

Warehouse flooring needs to be tough. Heavy-duty options that can withstand extreme temperatures and resist damage from chemical spills are often best in terms of durability and even hygiene. We offer a range of practical flooring options available in a variety of decorative finishes.

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Office flooring

Office flooring should be hard-wearing and easy to clean, as well as looking good. With a selection of materials, colours and finishes to choose from, we can fit the commercial flooring of your choice quickly and affordably. We also offer office mezzanine floors for your expansion needs.

Full flooring solutions from fast-acting flooring specialists

In addition to fitting the flooring material of your choice, we can also design and install new flooring levels within your property. Our mezzanine platforms are a great way of adding additional floor space without undergoing costly reconstruction work.

Made to measure using our precision CAD technology, they blend seamlessly with your existing interior – particularly when you contract us to fit the same flooring options throughout your entire property. It’s great when things match and even better when this style reflects your company’s activities and goals. And, with a track record of timely installations, you can benefit from our fantastic flooring in no time!

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