Advanced racking solutions from a top industrial provider

With over twenty-five years of experience and expert advisors on hand, we’re industrial racking suppliers you can trust. No matter what you need to store or how much space you need – we’re ready to design, supply and install the best industrial shelving racks for you. 

Reliable industrial racking systems made for you

Advantage Storage and Handling is a made-to-measure service. So, no matter what you need to store, we can handle it. We’ve already worked with thousands of clients across the UK to give them the exact storage solutions they need, coming up with inventive ways of meeting unique requirements. 

Once you contact us, we’ll discuss your storage requirements with you at length before taking precision measurements of your site and goods to ensure the design we come up with is the perfect fit. We’ll then start cutting the pieces needed to make your bespoke racking solutions using our top-of-the-range CAD tools, giving you a detailed finish that’s lovely to look at, as well as being practical.  

To us, industrial shelving is more than just a practicality; it’s also an art form. And, with more than twenty-five years of experience on our side, we’re sure we can come up with the perfect design that will transform your warehouse or workshop into the beautifully organised, productive place you want it to be. 

It often helps to understand a bit more about the different options before beginning to make your choice. We supply four main types of industrial racking solutions. These are heavy-duty racking, vertical racking, pallet racking and cantilever racking – all of which are described briefly below.  

What are our 3 different types of racking?

racking one

Heavy-duty racking

For shelving with unrivalled storage capacity that can easily cope with heavy loads, opt for our heavy-duty industrial shelving racks. Made to measure, they can be built to any size specifications.  

racking two

As the name suggests, pallet racks are specifically designed to store different-sized pallets, also making goods easier to retrieve. Our made-to-measure industrial racking solutions are great for all types of pallets, including our safety gates.

racking three

Cantilever racking

Need to store large, heavy or awkwardly shaped items? Cantilever racks are designed for just that purpose. We can design and install them to fit any space. 

The benefits of industrial shelving racks

It’s surprising how much time we waste searching for things we can’t find. Installing the right kind of storage can help. When your stock and workplace equipment are well organised, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for almost instantaneously, saving precious time and energy along the way.  

Because our shelving racks are designed with your current stacking and storage methods in mind – be it pulley systems, forklifts or simple, manual retrieval – it’s much easier to take things down, as well as being safer. Speaking of safety, having the correct industrial racking systems also ensures that there are fewer obstacles on your workshop floor, thus eliminating any unnecessary hazards and injuries. Our shelving racks are strong and accommodate all sorts of heavy loads, making it much easier to protect your goods and keep track of inventory, too. 

Advantage can produce and install all types of industrial shelving racks to meet your individual needs. We’re a comprehensive, made-to-measure service, so you can rest assured that all of your goods will be stored neatly and safely, no matter what type of racking system you opt for.

Make the most of your unused space

Space is a valuable commodity for any warehouse. As such, you want to ensure you’re using your entire indoor and outdoor area as effectively as possible. Vertical storage is a great way to do this, since it frees up floor space for operations, in addition to creating further storage potential at height. Indeed, the more storage space you have, the more stock you can replenish, enabling you to further expand your product lines should you wish to do so.  

If you’re still struggling for storage space once we’ve maximised your indoor potential, we can always look at installing outdoor storage solutions, too. Our cantilever and pallet racks work particularly well outdoors, since they’re durable and can withstand the weather. Consider our racking and shelving systems as part of your industrial fit out. 

The option you go for will depend on whether you’re looking to store longer, larger items or smaller goods that can be stored on pallets. No matter what your choice, we can always build a canopy for further protection. All our racking systems can be installed quickly with minimal disruption, making them an immediate, cost-effective solution to your storage dilemmas. 

Ready to optimise your storage potential?

Trust in the experts

With a background in logistics and operational management, Advantage Storage and Handling knows what works for warehouses. Our team can use its project management expertise to help you plan the most efficient layout for your warehouse, starting with your industrial racking solutions. We’ll help you decide what type of racks work best with your products, as well as helping you to decide where to install them for the most efficient use of your working space.  

We’ll take your operations into careful consideration when planning, ensuring that our industrial racks fit in well with your existing working dynamics. In fact, as an end-to-end service, we also complete full industrial fit outs 


Why should I use an industrial racking system?

There are endless reasons to install industrial shelving racks. Of course, they’re the clear choice when it comes to storing large quantities of heavy, bulky items. Having things well organised also makes them easier to find and select, when necessary. This makes it easier to keep track of your inventory. What’s more, efficient shelving can optimise your existing warehouse space, which not only makes things look organised, but also makes them safer, too. Finally, there are fewer trip hazards and risks of things falling from a height, thus making this cost-effective solution a great way of improving workplace health and safety.

What type of industrial racking should I be using?

We offer all types of industrial shelving racks, specifically designed to hold your heavy-duty, bulk or palleted items. Our vertical and cantilever racks are particularly effective if you need to store large, long or unusually shaped items. Although each type of industrial shelving is different, you don’t need to worry about the specifications. After your initial consultation to discuss your specific needs, we’ll advise you on the best possible solution, ensuring that the shelving we design and install looks great, fits perfectly and meets all your load and storage requirements.

Can I buy industrial shelving racks directly from you?

Advantage Storage and Handling is able to dispatch its products to any location within the UK. Our standard-sized storage solutions work well in the majority of industrial properties, so it’s possible to purchase racking supplies without contracting our experts for installation.

Is a site visit required for this solution?

We deliver our products nationwide, also offering installation and other in-person services by agreement. Because our racking solutions are made to measure, we do recommend arranging an initial site visit to allow us to measure your space. This results in greater precision in our design and fittings. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to get in touch.

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