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We’re passionate about creating aesthetic and functional workspaces for our customers. We offer a full, turnkey service, completing everything to the highest standards, on budget and to your timeline.

We supply different types of partitioning systems for offices

We are a specialist office partitioning supplier which is dedicated to helping our clients bring their visions to life and creating that ideal workspace for its teams. We offer a full turnkey service that can include everything from the initial design, through to the installation of your partition walls and all associated works such as electrics and plumbing, to decoration and even the final touches like office furniture.

We help to maximise your space and establish a welcoming environment that raises productivity in your team and delivers the optimum space transformation and work closely with you throughout your project to ensure your requirements are met within timeframe and budget. 

What are office partitions?

Office partitions are semi-permanent moveable walls, or dividers, that section off the wider floor area into smaller and more private work areas or spaces for other activities, such as service or storage. Office partitioning systems can be made from different materials such as glass or plasterboard depending on the aesthetic finish required.

They are fixed to ceilings and walls, or freestanding as more of a feature, which, as long as they are not load bearing, can be easily dismantled, moved or repositioned. The primary use of office partitions is to create privacy, reduce noise transference and separate out areas within an open-plan office, which can improve employee concentration and productivity.

They are a cost-effective way to help create a more professional and aesthetically pleasing work environment without moving premises or building permanent walls. You also won’t require planning permission but, in some instances, may need to meet certain building regulations, a knowledgeable supplier will be able to guide you on this. 

Our office partition wall options

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Glass office partitions

Glass office partitions are a modern, sleek and stylish solution that allows for the creation of much needed offices and meeting rooms while maintaining an open and connected feel for your teamsGlass partitions are also great for allowing natural light to flow through spaces, which is essential for our well-being and general mental health, and beneficial to developing a happy workforce. Available in single or double-glazed units, glass office partitions come in a range of finishes and with different properties such as industrial style or acoustics for soundproofing. All designed to meeting your business’s needs without compromising on design or aesthetics.

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Steel partitions

A steel partition wall comes in single or double-skin steel and is created by installing a frame that create walls by installing a frame so structure and support the panels to be installed. Very popular in warehouses and industrial spaces for their strength and durability. As a rule single skin steel partitioning comes with a mesh or wire window and limited ability to insulate. They are ideal for storage cages or machine guarding. Double skin partitioning allows for the addition of glass and insulation to create a fully enclosed area that offers greater thermal and acoustic properties.  

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Plasterboard or drywall partitions

Plasterboard or drywall partitioning is one of the most cost-effective options. Constructed with a frame and then cladded with plasterboard, this a cheaper and more versatile solution that can offer quicker installation times as well as greater thermal and acoustic insulation. Drywall or plasterboard partitions are ideal for reshaping spaces within a building or for maximising privacy to create meeting rooms, toilets, kitchens or personal offices. When creating spaces you can add windows or conceal your services such as electrics and plumbing within the walls. This type of partitioning does need to be taped, jointed and painted to achieve a final decorative finish.

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How a partitioning system can benefit your office space

Office partitioning systems are designed for defining or creating new areas within a building or floor of a building. Providing teams with relaxation areas on break times, restrooms, canteens, production areas, as well as personal offices, meeting rooms or even storage space, allowing you to maximise your office space more cost effectively and efficiently.

Partition walls are more flexible and affordable than building permanent walls or moving premises. They can be removed and reinstalled should the business need to relocate or just reconfigured within your existing building as the need arises. 

The different types of office partitioning systems mean that you can create the perfect configuration for your business’s requirements and to suit your property. An office partitioning system will help to organise your business’s operations without causing a huge dent in your budget.

Partition walls are a cost-effective way to structure your office to increase productivity, maximise space as well as providing your team with the optimum working environment.  

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Considerations when choosing a partitioning system

It is important to factor in aesthetic, functional and budgetary design requirements from the outset. Accommodating for requirements such as the overall look and feel, acoustics and thermal insulation early on as they will influence the partitioning selected for your project.

We understand the importance of working closely with our customers from the beginning design stages through to installation, ensuring that they get a result that meets their vision.

Advantage – your trusted office partitioning suppliers

Advantage specialises in bringing the vision of our customers office transformation projects to life. With extensive experience in using partitioning to evolve all types of spaces, we can design, supply and speedily install your solution with an office partition system that best suits your needs. Offering quality finishes that meet your budget and desired aesthetics. We install our systems across the UK, including Birmingham, Nottingham and Worcester.

We take care of everything down to the smallest details, so you don’t have to worry about your solution being unsafe or not compliant. Building control regulations are at the heart of all our designs, covering everything from fire rating to acoustics, and even ventilation and temperature control. Our team help and advise you throughout the process.

Our turnkey services

Whether you’re considering partitioning for your warehouse or as part of a mezzanine installation, Advantage offers a full turnkey service for your project. Covering everything from the design of your partition, suspended ceilings or mezzanine floor solution, through to electrics, plumbing, and even the final touches.

It is a complete end-to-end service under one roof, allowing us to work closely with you and your team to deliver your project with maximum efficiency, on time and budget, and with minimal disruption to your business. 



How much does it cost to install an office partitioning system?

Advantage prides itself on providing an individualised, CAD-designed service. We tailor each and every one of our projects to the specific needs and budget of our client, meaning the cost of each partition will be different. When you contact us for an initial consultation, we will discuss your desired design with you before coming up with detailed plans and an itemised budget. We always aim to keep our prices competitive – without ever compromising on quality. We also offer a financing option for those clients who wish to pay for their office partition systems in instalments.

What kind of office partitioning systems do you provide?

As a one of the leading office partitioning system suppliers, we provide three main types of office partition systems: stud partitions, composite partitions and steel partitions.

Stud walls
Stud walls usually consist of a galvanised steel frame, which is secured to the floor, ceiling and walls, before being covered with plasterboard. These partitions tend to be used as non-load-bearing walls.

Composite Partitions
Similarly, composite partition walls are a cellular option consisting of frames and panels. They are non-load bearing and may contain both solid and glazed sections.

Steel Partitions
Our steel partitions, available in single- and double-skin steel, are much stronger and can be built up to eight metres high. Our expert advisors will help you to decide which option will work best.

Can I buy office furniture directly from you?

Yes. We partner with a range of manufacturers to supply thousands of products available directly to you. We can deliver our commercial-grade furniture to any location within the UK.

Is a site visit required for these solutions?

Our office and workplace furniture can be ordered directly, without the need for a site visit or on-site installation. However, if you need made-to-measure office partitioning systems to fit a specific space (for lockers and cupboards, for example), we will need to come to your site to take measurements. All partition wall services solutions will require an on-site survey to aid us in the design process and to ensure a seamless end result.

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