Safety Barriers for the Workplace

Safety on site is paramount and ensuring the right protective measures are in place is essential. We have an experienced team who can work with you to ensure the right solution is specified for your project or application. Our workplace safety barriers are installed by experienced fitters to keep you, your employees and goods safe.

With a wide range of impact protection barriers to protect your workforce or equipment from injury or damage, our extensive list of safety barriers includes:

Safety Barriers

High visibility safety barriers are key for preventing accidents and damage to stock or static machinery on site or in your workplace. This can be anything from crash barriers to column protection, low level guard rails, collision protection bars, railings, safety bollards and much more. Impact protection barriers should be installed where material handling equipment, such as forklift trucks, are being used. This will protect both employees and any other stock or equipment being stored. Our safety products are easy to install or set up, ensuring your space is protected in no time.

Traffic and Road Barriers

Traffic or road barriers can be fixed like parking posts or as temporary fixtures, such as safety fences, cones or bollards. These barriers are designed to secure an area and ensure that pedestrians or vehicles are protected from potential hazards. We also have a range of traffic mirrors to increase visibility on-site, in car parks or where there is a blind spot which could be dangerous.

Pedestrian Barriers

Pedestrian barriers are ideal for cordoning off areas where you need to restrict access, alert personnel of short-term hazards or assist with crowd control. These are also useful for defining walkways in industrial or manufacturing workspaces to ensure safe areas are clearly marked out.

As experts in safety equipment, we know the significance of having safety or impact protection barriers, as well as the importance of being able to deliver these solutions quickly and efficiently. To discuss your project requirements, contact one our friendly team who will be happy to help you further.


Safety barriers from start to finish

Safety Assessment

We have worked on projects small and large, ensuring we can support you through the beginning stages of your projects. We start with discovery; this is where we listen to you and get a real understanding of what you are trying to achieve and the real risks that need addressing. From here, we can assess the type of safety barriers your workplace needs.

Site Surveys

Our team come to site to help get a real understanding of your space and ensure what has potentially been discussed is achievable. This allows us to really get to grips with your space and understanding how the space is used. Our site surveys look into things like pedestrian traffic movement, vehicle channels and types i.e forklift trucks, as well as machinery layout to ensure we have thoroughly addressed all your challenges.


Your solutions are designed and brought to life in CAD drawings, helping you to visualise what your space will eventually look like with your new safety barriers in place.


We offer an installation service for all of our safety barriers, installed by approved fitters as part of your project. If you are looking for single safety barriers or impact protection solutions, get in touch and have a chat with one of the team who will be happy to discuss cost and availability with you.


What are safety barriers?

Safety barriers are highly visible pieces of equipment that are put in place to protect employees, stock, materials or static machinery helping to prevent damage or in severe cases fatality if there are accidents on site or in your workplace.

How can safety barriers improve safety in the workplace?

Safety barriers are designed to improve safety wherever they are installed, be it in the workplace, on roads, or for pedestrian walkways by either highlighting hazards or providing impact protection. The main function of a safety barrier is to prevent and minimise the risk of accidents happening to staff in the workplace and are typically solid structures firmly attached to walls and the floor to help mitigate any risks to members of staff. For more information read our blog on why you need safety barriers in the workplace.

What types of workplace safety barriers do you provide?

Advantage provides a wide range of safety barriers including crash barriers, column protection, low-level guard rails, collision protection bars, railings, and safety bollards. We also offer traffic and road barriers and pedestrian barriers which we can install where needed.

Can safety barriers be moved around my premises?

Certain types of safety barriers such as safety fences, cones, and bollards are portable fixtures aimed to secure an area and protect vehicles and pedestrians from potential temporary hazards. These can be moved around as and when required. However, high visibility safety barriers including low-level guard rails, collision protection bars, railings and safety bollards are more permanent fixtures.

Can you design a bespoke system for my needs?

Advantage always works to your needs and desires when installing safety barriers for your workplace. We start by familiarising ourselves with your site to help us understand the best potential solutions for your workplace by conducting a detailed visit and survey. We will then create a CAD design to help demonstrate what your safety barriers will look like. All of our solutions will be bespoke designs working with existing solutions to meet your requirements.

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