What Can Warehouse Partition Walls Be Used For?

Uses for warehouses nowadays need to be very multi-functional – incorporating not only storage, manufacturing or production space but also office areas for the administrative side of businesses. As the cost of commercial property increases, maximising that available space you already have makes so much sense. Also, when businesses need to expand, space can become a premium and if you’re not yet ready to relocate to a larger premises then having a plan for optimising areas you currently have is the ideal solution – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth either. So, what are warehouse partitioning systems? and how can they be used to transform your business’s space to support the objectives or vision, without you having to move?

Why is warehouse partitioning a good idea?

There are a few reasons why warehouse partitioning systems are a good idea:


Separating off storage areas with warehouse partitions can make sure that products are more systematically and efficiently stored and categorised, allowing for easier location and retrieval of key or essential information. Warehouse partition walls can enable the manufacturing processes to be separated from storage areas – helping with organisation and keeping different operations of the company functioning safely in their allocated areas and yet still flowing together as a cohesive whole.


By creating distinct areas for the different operational processes with warehouse partitions you can ensure maximum safety for the business’s functions. Hazardous materials, fragile items or high-value goods as well as potentially dangerous processes – such as welding – can be kept safely apart. Administrative processes can be separated from manufacturing and storage. This can provide suitable work environments for each area of business as well as help prevent accidents, minimise the risks of damage, or theft, and will also ensure compliance with safety regulations.


By using warehouse partitions to separate out the various areas of your business’s functions, you can optimise workflow efficiency. Establishing a logical flow path for receiving, sorting, storing, picking, packing, administration and shipping operations. This streamlines operations, reduces congestion, and creates spaces that help the team perform and feel comfortable.

Energy efficiency

Warehouses are notoriously known for being large spaces that are not always well insulated. Whether it is to create an office or workspace that offers greater thermal efficiency or that handles goods that need specific temperature or environmental controls, warehouse partitioning systems can be the ideal solution. By separating different spaces with specific conditions, such as temperature or humidity controls, you can design each area to deliver optimum efficiency. Creating those smaller spaces within the warehouse protects occupants from changes in temperature caused by things such as the opening of roller doors in the winter. Also, enabling cost-effective cooling of smaller spaces in the summer. For example, by partitioning off an office for the administrative team or a workshop for teams on the production floor, you save energy by only heating and cooling those enclosed sections of the building and retaining the heat. Warehouse partitioning can also be used to create cleanrooms which contain dust, odours or fumes if your products are sensitive to contamination – such as the pharmaceutical or food and beverages industries.

Strategically dividing the space in your building with a warehouse partitioning system, can enhance the overall functionality and productivity of your warehouse operations and create the option for future expansion and scalability at the same time.

Types of Warehouse Partitioning

Warehouse partitioning systems are available in a variety of types, and each is specific to its use and purpose in separating areas as well as adding to the aesthetics of your building.

Demountable warehouse partitioning

Demountable partitioning offers your business a great flexible solution whether it is established and will remain the same or in time may need adapting for business demands or vision for growth. This way you can futureproof for company’s plans without compromising on the look and feel or quality.


Glass partitioning is a good option if you don’t need to overly privatise spaces, and it allows for a greater flow of natural light as well as a feel of openness and connection between the various areas of the business. Glass partitions can be frameless or steel framed, frosted or fitted with blinds for some additional privacy when needed. Glass partition walls are reinforced, making them stylish as well as robust.

Steel partitions are sturdy and solid, creating a warehouse partition that gives higher levels of protection for manufacturing or product areas. Available in single or double-skin steel options they are strong and durable and can be up to eight metres high. Ideal for creating secure storage areas and with double skin steel partitioning there is greater opportunity to increase insulation, sound proofing, hide services, such as heating or air conditioning vents, or even fire rate the area for more specialist spaces. Alternatively, steel mesh partitioning is a perfect way to segregate off expensive or more dangerous machinery to keep it safe and yet visible to the workforce.

Drywall or plasterboard partitions are an extremely cost-effective choice as they are quick to install and are great for insulating a space, reducing energy costs, as well as providing acoustic barriers. They are ideal for partitioning off an office space within a warehouse setting where you might want to create a more soundproofed environment.

An alternative method of creating an effective partitioning system within a warehouse setting is to install a mezzanine floor, utilising the unused vertical space in a building by installing an additional flooring level. You can then partition off office spaces or storage creating more ways for maximising the available area.

How Advantage can help with your warehouse partitioning system

Advantage specialises in working with companies to transform their warehouses through the design and installation of warehouse partitioning, supporting the imminent needs of your business – whilst considering the future desires. Our experienced team partner with you to help design the partitioning systems, or mezzanine floor, that meets your vision and budget.

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