Considering adding a Mezzanine Floor to your Warehouse?

Are you considering adding a Mezzanine Floor to your Warehouse?

If the benefits of adding a mezzanine floor to your warehouse have piqued your interest, it’s essential to consider the process and best practices when adding one to your warehouse space. The first step is thoroughly analysing your warehouse operations to identify where a mezzanine will yield the most significant returns.

At Advantage Storage and Handling, we have curated a stellar reputation for tailoring mezzanines that transcend the mundane in storage solutions. Our turnkey approach ensures you receive a functional industrial or warehouse mezzanine floor that is tailor-made, professionally installed, and designed for your peace of mind with your business objective fulfilled

Analysing the Need for Additional Space in Your Warehouse

A professional assessment of your current storage capacity and its utilisation will provide a clear picture of whether a mezzanine is the right solution for you. Sales data, inventory levels, and the items being stored play a role in determining the necessity and nature of a mezzanine addition.

Design Consultation to Customisation

Every mezzanine floor project begins with a free comprehensive consultation. Advantage Storage and Handling prioritises a detailed understanding of your business’s storage challenges to create a bespoke design that maximises space and usability. Our customisation capabilities extend to the choice of materials, decking, and finish to ensure your new mezzanine floor seamlessly integrates into your existing environment.

Understanding the Installation Process of Adding a Mezzanine Floor to Your Warehouse 

Collaborating with a reputable supplier like Advantage Storage and Handling, which specialises in turnkey mezzanine solutions, will ensure a smooth installation process. With our expertise, we can handle everything from initial design to obtaining building permits to installation and certification.

We can familiarise ourselves with local building codes and safety regulations regarding your new mezzanine and work closely with you to ensure that the result is efficient and compliant with all relevant standards.

Despite all the additional space they provide, adding a mezzanine floor in your warehouse won’t disrupt a warehouse’s regular operations during the installation process. Many mezzanines can be erected and operational within a fraction of the time it would take to build new brick-and-mortar spaces.

This swiftness minimises downtime, and because there’s no new construction, it reduces a company’s carbon footprint – a great bonus for businesses aiming to improve their environmental credentials.

Personal Service, Personal Space, Warehouse Space

Our bespoke service includes dedicated project managers who coordinate the installation and ensure minimum disruption to your operations. The result is a safe and secure mezzanine for business use and has implemented the best use for your available square footage  — because it’s been created uniquely for you in function and form.

Springpack recently used Advantage UK to expand their warehouse storage by adding a 10,000ft² 2-tier fire-rated mezzanine floor to their warehouse – you can read the Case Study here

Considering Adding a Mezzanine Floor to Your Warehouse?

A mezzanine is a perfect way to expand the space available in your warehouse.

Adding a mezzanine floor to your warehouse can almost double your floor area in a matter of days, Allowing for that much-needed room to add production, packaging machinery or dispatch areas through the investment in a warehouse mezzanine installation.

At Advantage, we work with you to ensure your completed mezzanine facility is on brief, offering a safe and secure location for all your future customers!


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