Case Study

New Warehouse Relocation Project for Springpack Ltd

New Warehouse Relocation Project for Springpack Ltd

Springpack Ltd, a leading packaging supplier, recently took on a new warehouse relocation project to develop a larger facility and create state-of-the-art offices. This case study focuses on the design, supply, and installation of key storage solutions such as pallet racking and a 2-tier mezzanine floor by Advantage, highlighting the successful completion of the project.

The solution:

The project involved relocating Springpack Ltd's warehouse operations to a new facility and equipping it with efficient storage solutions that support the business's plans to grow. Our team was responsible for designing, supplying, and installing the following key components:

Pallet Racking:

We provided a comprehensive pallet racking system that included over 10,000 pallet spaces in 18500 possible locations. This system optimised storage capacity while ensuring accessibility and efficient product handling, as well as the ability to grow their stock levels. These spaces are a combination of picking bays, raised pallet storage with timber decks, and ground storage. Everything was designed in partnership with their Operations Director who led the project, and is an integral part of the business reaching its future growth objectives.


A 10,000ft² 2-tier fire-rated mezzanine was designed and installed specifically for the storage of products such as Springpack's bubble wrap. This solution utilised their valuable vertical space and provided additional storage capacity without compromising the main pallet racking spaces required for their higher-value ranges.


As part of the mezzanine design, we incorporated two Part K staircases, one of which was enclosed to create a protected route to the nearest emergency exit to meet the necessary building control regulations. This provides a safe and direct passage in case of an emergency and ensured compliance with the relevant building  and safety regulations.

Pallet Racking Labelling:

We supplied and implemented a labelling system for efficient stock management and organisation, enabling Springpack's teams to quickly locate and retrieve items.

Added Extras:

Storage Cupboard: To enhance organisation and security, we provided a storage cupboard for storing valuable and sensitive items separately.

Warehouse Bell: We installed a warehouse bell system to facilitate communication and provide an audible signal for incoming goods and materials, improving efficiency and coordination of deliveries.

Packing Table: A sturdy and ergonomic packing table was supplied to create an efficient workstation for Springpack's packing operations.

Implementation Process:

The project began by gaining an understanding of what Springpack Ltd wanted to achieve, their specific requirements and timeline. Our team collaborated closely with the customer to understand their workflow, storage needs, and safety considerations. After gathering the necessary information, we worked closely with our manufacturers and suppliers, following these steps:

Design Phase: Our technical manager worked with the detailed layout plan, considering the available space, fire safety regulations, and efficient utilisation of the floor area. Special attention was given to maximising storage space, traffic flow, and scalability for future expansion.

Supply and Installation: Once the design was finalised and approved by Ian and Springpack Ltd, orders were placed for the pallet racking, timber decks, and the mezzanine floor. A project plan was mapped out with the completion date of May 26, 2023, this was non-negotiable, and there would be no room for delays as it would impact the customer's final move.

Installation: Our experienced and trusted team of installers, who are seasoned professionals at this type of installation, meticulously and efficiently erected the pallet racking and mezzanine. We are proud of the quality of teams we partner with, who have a keen eye and are able to adapt when needed to complete the project before our agreed date.

The labelling system: The pallet racking needed an updated stock management system to match the new layout, including picking labels, upright location labels, and stepped beam labels. These all had to be installed before the final move on May 26, 2023. We worked closely with our labelling partner and Ian, coordinating the necessary conversations to ensure the design and installation deadlines were met.

Project Outcome and Benefits:

The successful completion of this warehouse fit out project provided Springpack Ltd with numerous benefits, including:

  1. Increased Storage Capacity: The new pallet racking system provided over 10,000 pallet spaces, significantly expanding Springpack's stock holding capacity. The 2-tier mezzanine added 10,000ft² of additional space specifically for products such as bubble wrap, optimising the use of vertical space and creating more space for other products.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency: The new layout and organised storage solutions improved workflow efficiency, enabled faster order fulfilment and reduced picking time.
  3. Compliance with Safety Regulations: The enclosed Part K staircase and fire-rated mezzanine ensured compliance with relevant building regulations and enhanced safety for Springpack's employees.
  4. Improved Inventory Management: The pallet racking labelling system facilitated easy identification and retrieval of items, designed to minimise errors and improve stock management.
  5. Organisation and Security: The storage cupboard allowed secure storage of valuable and sensitive items separately, minimising the risk of loss or damage.
  6. Streamlined Communication: The installation of a warehouse bell system improved communication within the facility, enabling clear and audible signals for teams when receiving deliveries.


The new warehouse relocation project for Springpack Ltd successfully transformed their operations, providing them with a new functional warehouse with enhanced storage capabilities. Our team's experience in design, supply, and installation ensured that Springpack Ltd received a tailored solution that met their specific requirements while maximising efficiency and compliance with building and safety regulations. All comfortably delivered in time for the full move at the end of May 2023.

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