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At Advantage UK, we understand the importance of high quality flooring. As the foundation of an entire building, this aspect is highly responsible first impressions. High quality, clean and practical flooring is a vital part of any enterprise today and we can certainly help.

To ensure every mezzanine flooring project we have fitted for the last two decades goes according to plan and stays on budget, we have a specialist system in place.

The process starts with planning

One thing we never do at Advantage UK is rush into a job. Initially we will sit down with you making sure we agree on the aims of the project moving forward. After this, we’ll go through a full site survey ensuring everything is in place for a safe UK floor fitting exercise.

Once reviewed and agreed upon, we’ll create a concept design that can be used moving forward. This is made using CAD, and should ensure an accurate, authentic finish to the concept.

Everything is thought of beforehand

When installing any kind of flooring, the most important factor stems from having trust with those involved. By giving you a full quote with no hidden fees or extra costs, we make sure you can trust us to give you a good deal upon arrival. Our team will then go through a full and thorough structural design, using AdvanceSteel software.

Once we complete this part of the process, we’ll be able to get moving with the next key phase of the process – working drawings. These will be given for full approval by yourself as well as building control. Once that is set in stone, we can get to work.

Manufacturing and delivery is simple

At Advantage UK, we have a thoroughly planned out manufacturing process. Our team will get to work on the creation of your required product, using CAD/CAM state-of-the-art automatic punching and cutting equipment. We also use high-end drilling to ensure throughout every phase of the project we have complete accuracy and precision. Our aim is to leave you with a mezzanine flooring solution that looks fantastic and is structurally sound.

Delivery and installation is straightforward. Once developed through a detailed planning series, we then go ahead and start delivering the installation of your flooring. If you need this to be handled outside of business hours, we will do so where possible. Upon completion, an in-house Approved Building Control Inspector will evaluate our handiwork. They’ll go through the entire project, ensuring everything is designed to the highest specifications.

Results leave you with mezzanine flooring of the highest standard. For more information, be sure to check out our service today. You’ll find our prices competitive and customer service, second to none. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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