Case Study

Storage Mezzanine Floor for Increased Building Energy Efficiency

Storage mezzanine that increases a building's energy efficiency and employee comfort

UK manufacturer and supplier specialising in VG safety products and associated lift components based in Worcestershire. The Managing Director had an energy and building evaluation so they could understand how to better use their space and make it more comfortable for employees in the colder winter months.

The Challenge

Their premises is a warehouse which was difficult to heat and keep at a consistent comfortable temperature. There are large roller shutter doors for receiving goods and loading goods for dispatch, these are opened at regular intervals to receive and send products out, meaning heat that has built up is quickly lost. For employee comfort and due to rising energy costs, it was important to find a solution that would allow the engineers to be warm while working but would also be more cost effective for the business to heat.

The Solution

We worked with the client to design a mezzanine floor that was installed on the right-hand-side of the warehouse which married in with the existing upper-level. The downstairs floor was adapted to add in a  new staircase which was required for building control to enable a safe escape for occupants in an emergency. The mezzanine is attached to the workshop below which was enclosed with partitioning and a strip curtain attached means when the main warehouse roller door is open for loading or unloading the work space is protected and able to retain its’ heat better. The new lighting doubles as emergency lighting to make sure in the unlikely event there is an incident the area is lit for employees. There is also a fire exit door and fire alarm installed so that there is a quick exit route if needed.

We are seeing how as we go into an energy crisis a mezzanine can enclose a smaller space for teams to work in that is more cost-effective for the business to heat. It also reduces the heat loss in buildings such as warehouses which are notoriously poorly insulated, heating only the space that is most needed and beneficial.

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Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine flooring is a great way to optimise your available space quickly and affordably. As expert mezzanine floor suppliers, we can design and fit a brand-new floor of any size, made-to-measure to your unique brief, whilst adhering to building control regulations. All our mezzanines are fully certified, including CE mark certification, which is an important aspect of quality assurance.

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